Pathline Pictures is an independent production company based in Brisbane, Australia. We specialise in high-concept and low-budget feature films, television series and online content. First established in 2016, with the short film Sleepwalker,  Pathline Pictures has gone on to produce multiple award-winning short films, online series and more. Their passion for telling dark cinematic stories led them down an exciting path of short horror and thriller films which have since peaked the interest of the wider industry. Now, their brand has grown to encompass films of all genres, styles and perspectives.

Latest Articles


Published May 17th 2018

We sat down with the warped minds behind the short films that will play ahead of select features at the festival…


Published January 3rd 2019

Ardent fans of horror would be no stranger to bone-chilling filmmakers Sean Loch and Sam Price…


Published on September 15th 2020

The Round 1 Finalists for the AACTA Pitch: Isolation in partnership with Monster Pictures…